Birthday weekend for me, but I suppose I can scrap together a few tidbits.

In Sunday’s wee hours, I submitted HexKit to the Unity Asset Store. I need to make the main page and forum section for it over an, but that’s gonna wait until Tuesday for several questionable reasons. There’s no way the package will actually hit the store before Wednesday, anyway.

I posted to Facebook about it. Facebook directly insulted me by not showing that post to my wife. Facebook even knows she’s my wife. I never liked Facebook in the first place, but that level of stream-grooming violates even the small hint of being good for something that it had at its inception. I only rarely post there, but when I do it’s because I really want everyone to see something.

Meanwhile, Google’s logo was made out of birthday cakes. Way to get creepy, Google.

This week’s most entertaining news article: there’s an urban legend, decades old, that Atari dumped literal tons of the 2600 E.T. game into a landfill, because it was bug-ridden and terrible and nobody would buy it. Echoing a redditor’s comment, I’m not sure what’s cooler: that they’ve been found, or that there’s now such a thing as video game archaeology.

One thought on “XXXVII.

  1. Madeesh Kannan says:

    Yeah, let’s kill Facebook!

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